Monday, 5 August 2013

Designer Sunglasses v/s Prescription Eyewear Glasses

Are you surprised? By this title, well when I think the title I am also surprised that how I write about this title. My readers like this title or not, what their response is after read this. Actually, before few days ago I went on the market for buying designer sunglasses. When I am looking for the best pair for my face, then there is a person who stand left to me, he also buys sunglasses but he is looking prescription Eyewear glasses and I am looking for designer Eyewear. 

Therefore, I am comparing my pair with Designer Eyewear and ask to shop keeper that which won the best pair. The shopkeeper said to me that in latest prescription Eyewear and designer sunglasses haven’t any special different. Nowadays, branded sunglasses are becoming more popular but prescription glasses are also being so famous in people. Before few years, back no one like these glasses because the frames of these glasses are not so attractive or fashionable. You don’t believe that today prescription glasses sales are more than designer sunglasses.
Designer Eyewear UK

Many famous brands change their production polices they try to make their prescription glasses frames much more fashionable for people. In fact, they make their frames like branded sunglass frames. I love to wear branded designer sunglasses they are good for me because branded sunglasses are looking good on my face. The main part of choosing branded sunglasses or prescription glasses is your face size or type. 

Therefore, make sure before buying any pair of sunglasses that what type of frame is suit your face. I know many people buying sunglasses without checking their face size and after purchasing, they said that this pair is not good because it’s not fit on my face. I am not feeling comfortable in it so please choose according to your face shape or needs.

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