Monday, 5 August 2013

Designer Sunglasses v/s Prescription Eyewear Glasses

Are you surprised? By this title, well when I think the title I am also surprised that how I write about this title. My readers like this title or not, what their response is after read this. Actually, before few days ago I went on the market for buying designer sunglasses. When I am looking for the best pair for my face, then there is a person who stand left to me, he also buys sunglasses but he is looking prescription Eyewear glasses and I am looking for designer Eyewear. 

Therefore, I am comparing my pair with Designer Eyewear and ask to shop keeper that which won the best pair. The shopkeeper said to me that in latest prescription Eyewear and designer sunglasses haven’t any special different. Nowadays, branded sunglasses are becoming more popular but prescription glasses are also being so famous in people. Before few years, back no one like these glasses because the frames of these glasses are not so attractive or fashionable. You don’t believe that today prescription glasses sales are more than designer sunglasses.
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Many famous brands change their production polices they try to make their prescription glasses frames much more fashionable for people. In fact, they make their frames like branded sunglass frames. I love to wear branded designer sunglasses they are good for me because branded sunglasses are looking good on my face. The main part of choosing branded sunglasses or prescription glasses is your face size or type. 

Therefore, make sure before buying any pair of sunglasses that what type of frame is suit your face. I know many people buying sunglasses without checking their face size and after purchasing, they said that this pair is not good because it’s not fit on my face. I am not feeling comfortable in it so please choose according to your face shape or needs.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Keep Sunglasses Safe, Keep Eyes More Safe

I write many things about branded and designer sunglasses, their benefits, uses, and how to buy, than now what? The next thing in sunglasses is keep them clean and safe. After buying designer and fashionable sunglasses; you need to keep them safe and clean. For this you can use some sunglasses case and cleaning clothes. In this blog I am sharing some tips for how to keep sunglasses safe?

Use Proper Way to Clean Sunglasses

When we purchase branded or expensive sunglasses, then cleaning is the most important part of sunglasses care. There are many things for cleaning glasses, but use a proper way to clean lenses is most important. A little bit of water and a soft or cloth is sufficient for cleaning glasses. Make sure that you use soft cloth; otherwise as wiping a hard surface can cause permanent scratches to your designer sunglasses and prescription glasses.

Storage and Use

Generally, people keep their sunglasses on desk, computer tables and rooms. A single touch can damage permanently your glasses and frames. For this, you need to keep your sunglasses in strong cases. And, when you are going out with your sunglasses then you need to take off your sunglasses at some point. Only hard case of sunglasses can keep your pair safe.
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Sunglasses Care Kits

Wearing sunglasses regular can cause scratch of the sunglasses frames and glasses. To maintain branded frames you need to buy a sunglasses care and cleaning kits from any designer eyewear store. Most of the top brands like Ray Ban, Gucci, Prada, and many others give free sunglasses care kits on every purchase. These care kits are the best option to care branded sunglasses and maintain their originality.

Wearing sunglasses is good for eyes safety, but we need to keep safe them as well. If they safe, then they can more protect our eyes from harmful things.

Monday, 22 April 2013

How to Choose a Nice Pair of Branded Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Wearing sunglasses in summer is good for our eyes because in summer sun is heated so hard and the UV rays are can affect more. Many people wearing sunglasses to show their personality to others that how cool they are. These UV rays can damage our eyes so make sure before going toward the sunlight, wear your pair which able to protect your eyes from these UV rays and other harmful things. Now the question is how to pick a nice pair, which is able to protect our eyes from the UV rays of the sun? When you are selection a pair of branded and designer sunglasses, it's important to remember that your shades will serve a dual function, both to look nice and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

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Second thing in buying a nice pair of sunglasses is match the shape of your face. When choosing a pair branded and designer sunglasses, it's looking nice and you feel comfortable on this pair. Here are some useful tips for your different shapes of faces.

Sunglasses for the oval face shape- For oval faces, one thing is to do that keep the natural balance of your face, and choose a frames which are as wide and wider than the part of your face.

Sunglasses for the round face shape- If anyone has round face shape, and then choose the sunglasses with an angular or narrow style, with mid height temples are the ones to choose.

Sunglasses for the square face shapes- For these types of faces is hard to find the right pair of sunglasses because these faces need to make face look longer and reduce facial angles. For this shape you can try oval faces frames and wider frame than the widest part of the face.

Sunglasses for diamond face shapes- These types of faces are looking different and the rimless sunglasses and oval frames are looking good on these types of face shapes.

If you want to read more about these sunglasses and want to know more information on branded and designer sunglasses in UK then you can read my blogs. Click here to read my blogs and increase your knowledge about branded and designer sunglasses.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

About Alexander McQueen AMQ4215/S/4PN Branded Ladies Sunglasses

Before a few days ago, I need a branded sunglasses pair because I am wearing sunglasses always when I am going outside or toward the sun and I think this habit is really good. If you love your eyes and don't want to hurt them then wear a nice pair of sunglasses. Wearing online branded sunglasses and eyeglasses because these only can protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. On the internet there are so many stores have fake sunglasses, so make sure that the pair is original before buying any branded sunglasses.

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Here, I want to share something about Alexander McQueen AMQ4215/S/4PN Ladies Blue Sunglasses pair this pair is very nice and looking very fashionable. AMQ has wild range of designer and fashionable sunglasses and the main factor that I like most in this brand is uniqueness. Yes this brand has some great uniqueness in particular pair of sunglasses that's why I like most this brand. The above pair is also having some unique structure of frame and design. Actually, this pair is only for women, but AMQ has wild range of these types of sunglasses for men as well. This pair is available on reasonable price and easily you can buy this pair though online shopping without wasting your time. This pair is available in four more frame colors these are brown, beigr/gold, black, and Havana frame colors. So choose your favorite color of frame and get a deal.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Review of Alexander McQueen AMQ4156/S/08V Branded Sunglasses

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Alexander McQueen is known as very fashionable brand and well known brand for everyone. I also love to wear these branded sunglasses because Alexander sunglasses are come with uniqueness and looking very different and fashionable. The AMQ4156/S/08V is my favorite pair in AMQ brand. It’s also come in four more shade and color of frames but I like most this one. Infect I love to wear those sunglasses which is looking fashionable on my face and also keep safely my eyes from the harmful things. Yes, UV rays are not good for our eyes; they can harm our skin as well. These glasses are fully authentic and able to protect our eyes from the very harmful UV rays.  The logo of AMQ is very nice and looking very different from other branded designer sunglasses. The price of this pair is very reasonable. Buying online is best way to get these types of different and branded sunglasses in different brands. Many online stores have wild range of these types of sunglasses.   So if you interested to buy such type of sunglasses then online stores are the best place in my opinion. I like the color of this pair and glasses. You can wear this pair in night as well and the weight of this pair is not so heavy so you will wear this pair for long time.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Gucci 2215S/LL4 Sunglasses are Become My Favorite Sunglasses

buy designer eyewear sunglassesGucci 2215S is a very nice pair and looking fashionable sunglasses in online Gucci collection. On the internet there are so many online stores that have a wild range of branded and designer sunglasses. This pair is comes in very reasonable price on the internet. The main reason that I love this pair is the color of the frame color of this pair is light blue. Actually I love to wear branded and designer sunglasses when I am going outside or toward the sun because these glasses protect my eyes from the UV rays of the sun and other harmful things.

It's a very nice pair in my collection of branded sunglasses. I have three ray ban sunglasses and two Gucci pair, but I love this one. Here, I want to say little story of this pair, when I am doing shopping in a mall, then I saw a shop which have all the fashionable accessories. I go inside the shop and looking for the best one I see this pair and I love frame color of this pair. I go and purchase this pair on very reasonable price. If you want to buy this pair through online, then the most things about that you should know about some information of this pair because on the internet there are so many fake sunglasses available. If you really want to read more about these types of sunglasses then click here to read branded and designer sunglasses blogs.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

New Sunglass Pair in Boss 0404S/WZX

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This pair is very nice pair in Boss sunglasses, infect it's becomes one of my favorite sunglasses. Actually I love Ray Ban brand most, but before a few days ago I am searching for a branded pair, which is come in my budget. I don't want to buy in Ray Ban brand because I have already four pair in Ray Ban brand. So I am looking for another brand, which is give the best sunglasses to wear and provide full protection to our eyes. When I am searching on the internet for branded sunglasses then, I look this pair. This is Boss 0404S/WZX pair. It's a very nice pair and the glasses are full authentic. These glasses are able to protect our eyes from the UV rays of the sun and this pair covers our face area more than eyes. This pair is not for any particular person, whatever you women or men you can wear this pair. I love to wear these types of branded and designer sunglasses. If you want to buy these types of sunglasses and want to know more about these types of sunglasses than you feel free to read my blog, which is all about branded and designer sunglasses. This pair is available in three frame of colors black, brown and dark brown. It's comfortable in wearing and looking very fashionable on your face shape. I think you all try this pair in this summer and protect your eyes from different harmful things.