Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Latest Gucci Sunglasses in Market

This is a nice sunglasses which is in Gucci brand. Gucci 1020/9P5 is a nice pair in Gucci. It's looking very nice and fully authentic pair.   

Gucci 1030/N/SKQ9 is a very nice pair in Gucci brand. It's available in green,blue,red,and yellow shade eye-wear.

 It is Gucci 10145/R1l for men and boys. Gucci has five different shade glasses for this glass for men.  

These three most famous sunglasses in Gucci brand for both women and men. First is Gucci 35355/51N and second one is Gucci 35355/D9 and the last one which is green shade is Gucci 35355/5E3.

This is also new brand in Gucci sunglasses which is Gucci 24095/9Q5 for ladies. It is latest branded sunglasses for women who loves to wearing these type of sunglasses.If anyone wants to read more about designer and branded sunglasses then you can visit my another blog Designer Eyewear.

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  1. Wow I love this collection Gucci is my favorite brand because it's has wild range of designer and fashionable prescription eyewear.